Top Five of the Year

OK, so I got my arm twisted to join in Bob Carlton's Best Five posts of the year deal, so here we go (and this was tough...)

I just read through almost my entire output since I started blogging in May (and kudos and thanks once again to Adam Cleaveland for being the inspiration to start...)

First, my first really serious post...
Serious Stuff

Then I'm a huge Ellen Degeneres fan, so this made sense to add in...
On The Other Hand...

It was alt-worship that got me into blogging, so I had to keep this:
Waiting In The Starlight

And the whole PoMo Mojo deal here was a natural:
Mo' Pomo Mojo

And finally, who could leave out the Bishop's visit?
Episcopal Oversight

It's been an amazing experience, so thanks everybody out there :)

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