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With Maggi Dawn's blogiversary today it got me thinking about how I started. The origins go back to my parish priest asking me in February about starting a contemporary service aimed at the twentysomething demographic. I work with a lot of people in that age group, and run our church's contemporary band, so it's something I thought was worthwhile. We set ourselves a goal of researching some of the local churches that have done this. We already knew of Church of the Apostles, and had provided some assistance. However, we wanted to look further afield. '

One of the places we had heard about was Mars Hill, so I set out to find out what I could. That involved a web search, of course, and I stumbled upon a post on Adam Cleaveland's PoMoMusings blog. Well, I'd heard of blogs, but never really bothered to find out much about them. Apart from the really interesting content (a nice surprise) I was really struck by the network. Also by the emergent church conversation, including a lot of discussion on the fallout from the Emergent conventions which I had just missed. So I ended up reading Dan Kimball's books and a few other, including a few Brian McLaren books (which I promptly set aside until September).

The other big thread emanating from this discovery was alternative worship. From Adam's blog I checked out his blogroll and found Maggi Dawn and Jonny Baker to be great resources and inspiration. Maybe it's just the British angle working for me, but I am always grateful when I don't have to filter out the overly Evangelical tone of much US material (see, I should have read Brian McLaren sooner...) I bought Jonny's book (but here's a hint Jonny - make the text on the CD copyable!)

Somewhere in there I researched the free blog tools and as Google had just taken over Blogger, it seemed easy and reputable, so hey, here I am.

I have a really hard time writing daily, simply because of my work schedule, but I've run about three posts a week, which seems reasonable and sustainable. The other thing that mitigates against more frequent posting is that I have a hard time sticking to a simple paragraph and link format that many do. I think as I write, so I never quite know where I'll end up.

Oh well :)

Fascinating post - your blogging history sounds very much like my own, it seems. I'm glad I found you - it's good to "hear your voice."

Although I didn't really indentify with the "emerging church" until I started blogging, and started hearing about it, I recognized the need for it a long time ago. For me the image has been the butterfly, crawling out of the dried husk of the chrysalis...and God knows, the church as I've mostly experienced it needs to emerge from what it was in order to grow towards what Christ called it (and us) to be.

Today, one of the teachers at the not-for-profit I'm working for came rushing into our office area and said, "You're the new 'computer person,' aren't you?" (Translation: I need stuff entered into Word so that it will print out pretty on my labels, and I have no clue how to do that, and I need it in 15 minutes. Help.) I tried to say, "Nah, I'm not 'the computer person,'" but what came out was, "No, I'm not 'the computer guy'... I'm just this *guy*, y'know..." And one of my office mates (and a certifiable HHG maniac) caught the unintended reference and started to giggle. Life, it seems, does imitate art...

I'm grateful for the guys at Pyra Labs, and for folks at Blogger and TypePad and all the rest who make the blogiverse a reality. It has been my creative outlet, my online confessional, my place to rant, and to find community in a way that most churches will never understand. And that, as the old song says, is "a good feeling to know."
Yeah, it's amazing what you can get for free these days. One day I'll pobably upgrade to typepad or something, but I'll see how far I can push lil' Blogger...
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