Momentary Political Diversion (and pun alert)

In the recent US election (surely you guys remember?) one of the more interesting side issues was the efforts of MoveOn.org, a Democratic, celebrity fueled political action group. I find it interesting to ponder MoveOn's role in the election. If it was truly as effective as it thinks in persuading people to vote for John Kerry, then without its efforts surely Bush would have won by an even larger margin. Hmmm. However, if, as I suspect, MoveOn actually provoked more of the opposition to vote than it did support, then it clearly is a pointless, self-defeating organization. Also interestingly, it appears to be unable to MoveOn itself... From the article:
"In his house-meeting conference call, Pariser quoted the famous dispatch from French general Ferdinand Foch at the second battle of the Marne in World War I: “My center is giving way, my right is pulled back… Situation excellent. I shall attack.” At those words, fire burned in the eyes of the meetings’ faithful. The troops are rallied, their leaders just have to decide which front to attack next."
And of course, despite that one bright moment in the Second Battle of the Marne, we all know just how successful the French have been in World Wars, or any wars, come to think of it...

Yes, I almost hate to say it (and my friend Paul would be yelling "pun alert, pun alert" at this point), but MoveOn may be well and truly Foched.

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