Hold the presses - US Postal Service mangles mail!!!

Really. I got my six copies (yes, you heard me, I have a lot of real friends too) of the Soulsisters Guide in the mail today and it was a close run thing as to whether all six copies survived intact. It looks like the USPS either thought Al Qaeda had taken to mailing Christmas guides, or some poor overworked sorter went berserk on the package. Maybe both.

Anyway, a fine and spiffy little deal it is. Just make sure you avert Granny's eyes from pages 10 and 11. But people - not only do Jen and Patience send you the 'zine, you also get CHOCOLATE! Not any old run of the mill stuff either - Ghirardelli's. Or maybe I'm just special. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that. Oh well. Now they'll have to send it to everybody.

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