Gmail and emergentYS

Whew, finally tracked down a gmail invite, thus the new Gmail link on the right.

As for the other, I registered for the emergentYS conference in San Diego in February, so I hope to see a few of the people I only know electronically so far. And I must say that the YS website and registration process is, um, absolute crap. Given the tech-savviness in the emergent world it's particularly distressing that the process should look and feel like it might have on the web in 1995 using Mosaic.

And then there's the fact that you can't register as an individual - you have to be on some larger church account (and the system throws a real wobbly if you try to create a duplicate one...)

Oh well, I guess it will probably work OK. Also talked to Karen Ward last week and CotA will be bringing a group of six down, so there'll be at least a few of us from the great Pacific Northwest.

Flight's booked, hotel's booked, registration's paid. Now all I need is a rental car. Anyone interested in a minor road trip diversion while we're down there? (The Taylor guitar factory is just down the road in El Cajon...)

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