Um, not quite yet...

Sure, I should be dropping off to sleep right now, but I felt I had to give major props to Bob & Deb, a couple in my church who decided to take a leap and produce an amateur play at church this year. It all comes to fruition this weekend. The play is Cheaper By The Dozen based on the 1950 movie with a plot set in the 1920s, not the recent Steve Martin dreck.

Although the three official performances will all take place while Sue and I are gone, we did get to see the dress rehearsal tonight. So many of the kids in our church are in it, from 7 years old and up and wow, it was so much fun to watch. Way better than sitting home watching TV...

The funniest part was with the oldest sister of the family and her boyfriend. They are played by brother and sister, although it's ok because the most they do is hold hands. The rest of the youth group (most of whom came to see the rehearsal) were totally freaking out at the sibling ick factor. Hilarious ;)

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