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It's an interesting feeling to open up you RSS reader, check your favorite blogs and find something like this post. What a great compliment... and responsibility.

It made me wonder why I started blogging a mere four months ago. Up to a point I'm not really sure why. Oh, it's the cool new hip thing to do, and I do like to blather on. Like a lot of extroverts, I think while I'm talking, and the way I blog is a lot like that. That's kind of why a lot of my posts have no serious logical flow to them (well at least until I go back and force something in...) It's more thinking out loud than anything else.

Often I end up somewhere unexpected, which is half the fun. Sometimes an even tempered or humorous piece turns into a rant and I wonder where it came from. Just putting your thoughts out for the world to see is a bit scary, too. Writing about difficult topics like gay church issues and abortion is tricky, because it's so easy to feel like you're going to alienate half your readership whatever you say. But I've always found that progress is made when we can disagree and talk through those disagreements rather than calling each other stupid. So I'd rather write about stuff like that than pretend I don't have strong opinions or don't care.

And that's one reason I appreciate Maggi's comment so much - I feel she writes in the same spirit (and way better than I do, btw...)

May God bless bloggers everywhere :)

yup, that's why I like your blog! real conversation, not just journalistic point-scoring. keep doing it!
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