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Having participated in a few comment wars with the likes of Chris P on Adam Cleaveland's Pomomusings blog, I was tempted to check out Chris P's blog itself to see what makes him tick (or maybe it's tock, or some weirder sound). I have to say that it isn't easy. He's prone to excessive verbiage and I get bored before I can figure out what his point is (if indeed he does have one, unlike Ellen Degeneres.)

In among all the wacky fundie diatribes, Chris P posted a link to the following story about Nestle where, apparently Nestle is using candy to peddle lesbianism (or vice versa) in a deceitful socially destructive television campaign. . Suffice it to say that the story ends with the sentence:

"Nestle is a leader in elite social engineering designed to breed a slave race."

Um, yeah.

Really, you just couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.

In other news I can hardly wait to check out Team America. Irreverent puppet humor inspired by the immortal Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds (not the recent pathetic facsimile)? Yeah, I'm all over that...

Holy crap.
I heard that drinking Nestle Iced tea will make you a liberal? They must spike it with something. I think it is certainly a part of the liberal agenda that has been happening in America. Remember in the 70's all those iced tea commericals? I think it can be traced back to those commercials. I bet you thought it was the Billy Beer?

What is really sad, this guy is serious. Aside from the absurdity, it is really sad.

Rereading the article I guess I'm confused even more about which is supposed to be worse - lesbians or Swiss candy.

Maybe I should just stop writing right now...
Maybe Swiss lesbians eating candy?
Sorry. Couldn't resist.
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