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I wandered across this blog a while ago and must thank her for this Margaret Cho link.

MC is an interesting case. She's female (well, duh!) She's a "person of color". She's gay. [Note: correction thanks to Karen. Margaret Cho isn't gay. Her sexuality is complex as evidenced by her biogrpahy. She is, however, extremely supportive of the gay community.] If she could just see her way to getting permanently disabled she'd win the diversity lottery. Anyway, for those of you too lazy to click the link, here's the religious reference part:

All the busy-body “Christian” people—when they’re not preparing for the Rapture—are trying to make gay people miserable. I don’t see why our lives affect theirs in the least. They point to us as evidence of Satan in the world. Don’t they realize that Satan is intolerance, that every time they practice injustice, another demon gets his wings?

The Pope recently castigated the media for making gays look normal. Yeah, he’s a real good judge of normal. With the gold dress, and the matching gold hat, living up in the Vatican with 500 men, surrounded by the finest antiques in the world. You go, girl!

But it is the religious right who are fucking scary, because they’re out of control. Even the Satanists are saying, “Wow, you guys are being really mean.”

That, my friends, is how the secular world sees Christians. And while they may understand that not every Christian is part of the religious right, the rest of us are pretty invisible, relatively speaking.

Fine print: Thinking Margaret Cho has a point about some things does not imply agreement with all of Margaret Cho's politics. This post not endorsed by Satanists for Kerry (well, not yet). Your mileage may vary. Two and a quarter pounds of jam weigh about a kilogram. OK, I'll stop now.

Agreed. Despite her radicalism in politics, Cho is often dead-on in her observations on how religion plays out here in the USA.

One minor correction: Cho is married to a guy. I think she used to call herself bisexual, but now she describes herself as an "ally."
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