Plumbing - Don't Try to Faucet

There's nothing quite like a good dose of home improvement to blow away the over-analytical philosophy blues. On the other hand, there's nothing I hate more than plumbing. Plumbing is eveil bcause the damage done by leaking water is pervasive and leaks are hard to find and tough to fix. Sure, electricity can KILL you, but wiring is easy.

Unfortunately, one of our bathroom faucets needs replacing and therefore the one that sits next to it does, too. This is because the cheap and nasty items installed by the builder are not exactly what I would choose, so I'm not going to replace one piece of crap with another just so it matches. And then I wanted to put a nice one in the powder room, so that's three.

But then that doubles the work. And with most home projects, you learn a whole bunch quickkly to get the job done then you never have to do it again for seven years or so, which is just long enough to forget everything. For this project though, I found this website. Very cool. It even tells you that when you get to the really annoying part (trying to unscrew the unscrewable) that you should probably just take a reciprocating saw to it and hack it off. Woohoo! Power tools! Plus no guilt. Not only that, with three to do I'll get great learning reinforcement.

Oh well, back to installation of all the new stuff...

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