Sox win! Sox win!

As I drove into the church parking lot tonight to help run youth group Johnny Damon hit a grand slam to put the Red Sox up 6-0 early in game 7.

We had an insanely fun youth group meeting where I forgot all about the game, trusting that the Lord would continue to smite the Canaanites, sorry, I mean Yankees while I was otherwise occupied.

And yea indded, the Lord was faithful, and the Canaanites^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Yankees were smitten and stayed smitten the entire evening, even unto death.

Buh-bye George, Joe, Arod, Derek, Gary, Hideki, Mariano...

Watching the post-game interviews when I got home was awesome.

Having seen Terry Francona (the Israelite, I mean Boston, manager) mature as a player in the early 80s while living in Montreal watching him play for the sadly defunct Expos, I was chuffed to little mintballs(tm) to see him handle pulling off the single most impossible feat in the history of baseball.

It's not about me, it's about the team.


And now we have yet another game 7 tomorrow.

This may be the best baseball post-season ever for me. I just pray the World Series won't be a letdown, whoever is in it. History is full of great league championship seies and less than stellar World Series.

Still, this is great stuff right now.

And why is live sports better than movies, plays, ballet or opera? Because nobody knows the outcome, and the script is being written as we go.

Really, you couldn't write this stuff if you tried.

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