Massive Amounts of Hot Air Expelled

Not sure whether I'm writing about Mt St Helens or the Vice Presidential debate. I have to say though, as excruciating as debates can be, they're nothing compared to the endless repetitive drivel coming out of the local volcano watching news reporters. Man, if there had been this much coverage back in 1980 we could have wiped out 90% of the perfectly coiffed generic TV news reporters right then and there. The industry would never have recovered.

Highlight of the day was when a reporter asked the geological survey guys if they were going to drop any more people in the crater with monitoring equipment. "Wanna volunteer?" was the reply. Naturally the chucklehead declined. What all the gawkers don't realize is that their cars are at risk too - get an engine full of fine volcanic dust and kiss it goodbye. If the mountain really blows it will take thousands of gawkers with it. In 20 years we'll be visiting Gawker's Ridge, complete with the rusting hulks of many 2001 Toyota Corollas.

As for the debates - more potayto potahto crap. I mean really, is anyone forming an opinion based on any of this twaddle?

And speaking of twaddle (nice segue, you can tell it's been a while since I posted can't you?) I was somewhat intrigued by the title of the movie "What the @#$!@ Do We Know", but it turned out not to be the new Chris Rock movie, but rather a pretentious infomercial for JZ Knight's Ramtha organization thinly disguised as a pseudo-scientific, pseudo-intellectual story about quantum physics, a speech impaired woman (Marlee Matlin) and some cartoon thingies. Much like Fritjof Capra's pretentious vanity movie "Mindwalk", this will sucker in a lot of people who can't even spell "quantum".

However, I am very sad that it looks like I'll miss seeing Garden State in theaters - just no free time and it'll be gone soon. Director, actor and Scrubs star Zach Braff's blog is hilarious (and insanely well trafficked). Oh well, at least it'll be out on DVD no later than Dec 28.

Speaking of DVDs ( I can do this forever you know) I watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off at the weekend. Awesome movie. I'd forgotten how much fun that was. And the main star is... anyone?... and the year it came out was... anyone?... Heh.

And the Star Wars trilogy on DVD arrived last week. If you've never noticed it, you have to watch the scene where the stormtroopers break into the control room where C3PO and R2D2 are hanging out. On the right of the screen a stormtrooper is too tall for the angled doorway and bangs his head as he comes through. It's over in a flash, but hellishly funny.

Two busy nights coming up, and a weekend away in Vancouver, so not so much time for blogging (or even reading) the next few days.

C'est la vie.

Hey Dave,
Well, count me as one of the suckered. I thought "What The Bleep Do We Know?" was kind of interesting. Our priest even used the water crystal experiment as an example of the power of prayer in a sermon.

Thanks for your comments on my back troubles. It was so nice to read your kind words this morning. I've had a good night's sleep, a nice walk this morning, and I'm feeling much better. I'm sure that an adult beverage will factor into tonight's activities.

Peace until you return.
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