Karen (of Raw Faith fame) wrote me about having watched What the Bleep Do We Know (read my comments on Doug Pagitt's blog Heh, well I did say you can get some benefit from those movies - just be aware that it has a strange history. Nowhere in any of the publicity or on the movie's website does it mention the allegiances of the crew. I'm not sure if they credit JZ Knight herself in the movie (Roger Ebert didn't know it was her until someone told him afterwards). JZ has a big place about 50 miles south of here, so she's um, well known around these parts.

This led me to ponder on how nice I want to be on blogs. I think it's always more tempting for me to comment on a post or issue that I am critical of, so a natural tendency would be to come across as some sarcastic know it all. Wait, that IS me, darn...

However, I am a bit leery of being overly critical in commenting on blogs - but as you may have noticed, sometimes I can't help myself ;) Which is why I like Karen and Maggi Dawn and a few others who aren't afraid to tell it like it is when necessary, even if you risk alienating people once in a while, or getting branded as a hothead.

Speaking of straight shooters (one of my patented segues...), just in case you've never stumbled across her, you have to check out Heather Armstrong at dooce.com. Funny stuff.

Right now I'm packing for a weekend away with 100 teenagers in a church 3 hours drive away. I get to just focus on leading music this weekend, though, so that will be cool. We're doing a cool alt-worshippy type service tonight based on Rite I Evening Prayer - it'll be interesting to see how that pans out.

I managed to put off bottling 5 gallons of beer (Widmer Hefeweizen recipe - very yummy) and some of the moving furniture ready for new carpet on Monday. Meh -they'll still be here when I get back on Sunday.

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