Happy Birthday to Me...

...when I wake up in the morning. Yeah, you heard it here first. And my wife is out of town for the week :(

Well, at least I got an iPod (busy loading as I type - 29GB down, 5GB to go).

On the other hand my back hurts from moving boxes of stuff in an office move last week. And the day I get an iPod, Apple launches the iPod Photo and the special iPod U2 Vertigo edition.

On the other hand the Red Sox won game 3, although I'd be sad to see St Louis get bounced out in four straight. And there's a birthday present treasure hunt tomorrow when I open my wife's card.

On the other hand I have to go to work and I appear to be allergic to some nasty crap in the new office building, which has sat idle for two years collecting dust and all kinds of biomedical hazards.

OK, I'll stop now...

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