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Hmm, interesting discussion. Thanks for all the comments either pro or con. You've all been gentlemen, ladies and scholars.

While I appreciate the proposed reading material I doubt I'm going to shell out $39 for a book that (like most of an argumentative nature) merely reinforces the viewpoints of those who agree and causes those who disagree to look for holes. I read the reviews of Gagnon's book on Amazon and found a couple of balanced ones (the 5 star rave reviews I tend to dismiss as the aforementioned reinforcing views.)

And really, I have no intention of making this a life crusade or getting an MA in gay theology or anything. It just happens to be a peripheral issue in my life that has caused me to reexamine some long held culturally inherited views.

I also find myself in an odd place. On the one hand, I have clearly distanced myself from the traditional, conservative view on homosexuality, so whenever the subject comes up I get blasted by those people (many of whom are close friends so this can be tricky and risky to discuss at all). On the other hand, I'm no gay activist either, and find much in overt modern gay culture that's pretty repugnant.

In many ways I'm in No Man's Land (no pun intended). Being in the middle is a pretty good place to get shot at by both sides.

C'est la vie...

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