You Just Can't Make Stuff Up Like This

Sinead O'Connor, wacky shaven-headed singer-songwriter of the early 90's took out a full page ad in an Irish newspaper to ask people to stop making fun of her. I kid you not.

O'Connor had her one big US hit in 1990 with "Nothing Compares 2 U". Not to be confused with "Nothing Compares to U2, especially Sinead O'Connor", which is not a song, merely an observation. When it comes to Irish political activism, Bono does it right, Sinead just screws up.

Bono can get heads of state to do his bidding and even managed to get the Pope to trade an autograph for a pair of trademark sunglasses. Sinead can't even get the VH1 to stop calling her crazy baldy.

Now the whole shaven-headed, Pope picture burning, wacky political activist thing is in the past. But she keeps on giving folks more and more reasons to consider her a bit off the beaten path.

In 1999 she was ordained a priest in a breakaway Catholic sect, and initially insisted on being called "Mother Bernadette Mary" but eventually she found the celibacy rule impossible to follow, so she gave that up.

Then last year she got interested in a movement called the "Death Midwives" that counsels chronically ill people. Hey, if I was chronically ill, I'm not sure I'd want a visit from a "Death Midwife". "What, you're trying to give me a hint here? I just thought I was chronically ill..."

However, that was last year, and Sinead has moved on to yet a different passion - stamping out head lice in children. I told you that you just can't make stuff up like this. Apparently nobody told Sinead that "stamping out" is just a turn of phrase, not the actual method they use for eradicating the little insects.

O'Connor compared her treatment in the press to that of the aforementioned Bono. "If ye wrote about Bono like you wrote about me, he'd kick your asses," she wrote.

Or maybe if we asked him nicely he could kick hers...

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