Things that make you laugh

I have a friend who was feeling sad, so I did the best thing I could think of to cheer her up - send her to a funny blog. So I sent her to dooce.com's guilty list. Now Heather (aka dooce, a play on the French word douce, for soft (no, not douche, which is the French word for shower, or something like that)) has been going through a rough patch lately and you can catch up on that by exploring the ever so beautiful site, but her guilty list is a kick. She also links to another blog for a story about roaches (the insects, not the smokable kind, although maybe you can smoke the insects, who knows?) right here and later, right here.

All in all a great way to lose the cares and woes of the day. But I have to say I absolutely loathe web pages that are white on black. I mean, do these people have any sympathy for people with poor eyesight? I suspect not, the bastards...

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