Survived the Onslaught

No, not the WinXP Service Pack 2 upgrade, the Seattle area windstorm. It knocked the cable out for a few hours, which made my wife very sad, as she works from home and was unable to virtually attend work meetings. Well, so I was lying about the sad part.

The Vaio seems to have survived although something is screwing up my USB printer, other than that, all is peachy.

Well, we're gearing up for a big couple of weeks. First, church trip to Camp Huston this weekend. About 50 of us hanging out at our camp/conference center in the mountains. Very cool. Then we get back Sunday just in tiem to pack and leave for Hawaii on Monday. Then a week and a half in Hawaii (Big Island). Here's the Alii Drive webcam in Kona just down the road from our condo.

Then we're back in time (just, we fly back on a red-eye, get in at 6:30 am) for the installation service of our new Rector on the 16th.

Sometime soon I have a 120" screen to put up in the family room so we can view movies in glorious technicolor... And replace three faucets. I'm guessing that all happens in late September.

Wow, how do we keep up?

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