Busyness, baseball and carpet

Well, today has been interesting. Originally I had no obligations at church this morning, but Sue and I ended up being chalice bearers, I helped out with Jr High sunday school and played some songs with children's church. After church we were off to the Mariners game. This season has been a complete waste of time, and we froze our a$$es off at Safeco while the M's ineptly lost 2-1. Feh.

When we got back I had the lovely task of removing the last piece of furniture from our master suite (that being the bed) because tomorrow we're getting new carpet. The stuff that came with the house new was about as cheap as the builders could find, so we finally decided to upgrade where it matters. I can hardly wait.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's the first day back at work after 2 weeks of vacation and other goofing off. Can't say I'm too thrilled about that.

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