Aches and pains

Phew, nasty scratchy throat and sneezy feeling the last few days. However, I still ended up running Jr High youth group tonight as there rerally weren't any backup options, filling in as a favor. Now Jr High are enough of a handful at the best of times, but at least four of the nine there tonight are diagnosed with some form of ADD (don't get me started on that, though) and I don't think they take their meds when they come. Man, what a handful.

After a tough time getting through some work on proverbs we ended up playing 45 minutes of basketball. Hence the aches and pains, in addition to testing the limits of the impaired pulmonary system. Oh well, one more day at work and the weekend is here.

Currently reading Brian McLaren's Finding Faith. I don't what it is with him, but I just feel so in sync with his thoughts it's scary. This is the third book of his I've read in just over a week. They've all had really different themes, but I love them all. Amazing.

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