Life gets in the way sometimes

Well, after trying vainly to get a post in last Friday before heading off for the weekend, this week has also been full of stuff, so I figured I'd just post something brief to break the vacuum.

The youth group trip to Westport (ocean coast of Washington state) was really fun. Just 12 of us this year, but a real solid 12. I had a bunch of tealites with me, and for campfire on Saturday night I was going to light them around the perimeter of the campfire area. Well, nice idea, and it looked cool for 5 minutes until a gust of wind blew them all out. And again, and again. Such is life. The church we were staying at moved their campfire from being buried in the woods to a wide open area, hence the problem, especially by the ocean. Also, did I mention the sand flies and mosquitoes? No? Well I should have.

After staying up until 3 am and 1 am consecutively I was pretty beat Sunday, then Monday was back to work.

I also finally got to revisit Doug Pagitt's book and there are a couple of beautiful sections I want to comment on in some depth - later today probably.

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