Guilty Pleasures

On a lazy Saturday (well, not so lazy - some cleaning up to do...) it's cool to just hang out and watch a little TV. One of my favorite shows is What Not To Wear. I really like the original British version with Trinny and Susanna, but for once the American version is possibly better.

If you've never seen it, the shows take people who have been volunteered by friends and relatives for a drastic style makeover. Their entire wardrobe is critiqued and most of it thrown in the trash. Then the victim gets either UKP2000 or $5000 to go replace it all, but with lots of pointers from the style gurus.

Now this might seem all materialistic and vain, but in reality taking an ugly duckling (and believe me, most are style train-wrecks) and turning them into a swan gives some remarkable insights into the transformation of the human spirit. And for a middle aged guy I've become quite adept at picking out fabulous clothes for my wife. Hey, I even bought a tux and we got season tickets to the ballet so we have a legitimate opportunity to dress up on a regular basis.

And with all this expertise filed away it's really fun playing your own version of "What Not To Wear" in people watching situations. Airports are particularly good.

One final thought - if you have ever, ever, ever even thought of wearing dress shoes and dark socks with shorts - shame on you.

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