Finding a Voice

So blogging's an interesting deal. Journaling with the world looking on (or not, depending.)

I think half the battle is finding a voice - something you want to talk about. For me it's difficult. I love so many things - baseball, my church, my wife (probably should have put her first ;-), teenagers, my new car (after 11 years), my parents and brothers back in England, an often interesting and frustrating job that pays well.

Then there are things that piss me off - crappy traffic around Puget Sound, not because there are so many people (which there are) but because so many drivers here are clueless (mostly natives). Really, I mean way too many people think it's cool to merge into highway traffic doing 30 mph. Morons. See, there's something I know I "inherited" from my dad - I don't suffer fools gladly.

Then I know some of you out there will be saying, "But wait, he's a church person, he should love everybody, not be this sarcastic misanthrope". And I'll tell you I learned a great lesson from Linus Van Pelt (of Peanuts fame) when he said "I love mankind. It's people I can't stand." So long ago I learned to embrace my snarky side. In real life I can be really nice, though. No, really.

So lots of things piss me off and I'll write about some of them. Fundamentalists for example. Watch for that coming up. I know blogs are more sort of stream of consciousness, but there are some ideas I need to mull over first.

Anyway, for those of you that think Dilbert's a little bit tame, check this out. If that doesn't get you screaming with laughter or crying for too much realism, nothing will.

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