CotA Seattle Visit

Spent a couple of hours Wednesday night at Church of the Apostles in Seattle (well, Fremont if you want to be picky). Talked quite a bit to Karen Ward about the state of the church (Episcopal and Lutheran in particular). The Episocopal Church has been hit quite hard by the fallout from the election last year of Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire. Right now many congregations in the Diocese of Olympia (Western Washington) are down 15 to 20% in giving due to people leaving. Might not sound like much, but see how you get by on a sudden 20% pay cut. It's not pretty. Of course, this works its way up to the Diocesan budget, and things are afoot there.

The implication of all this is, of course, that any external focus on mission is lost. The Episcopal Church isn't that "evangelical" (small "e") anyway, but this just spurs even more navel gazing. In a normal environment CotA would be getting a decent amount of support to get established, but that's dried to a trickle for now.

Here at least is one area where we could learn from the big "E" evangelical churches. Oh well, more research...

Off to the beach with the youth group this weekend, beyond the reach of the internet (I hear they have the internet on computers now.)

Maybe get a chance to finish up those thoughts on Solomon's Porch before I go, though.

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