Computing Disasters and so on

Well, life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. I had lots of things to do today, but somehow a critical system file got corrupted on my trusty computer and in the end the only sane way out was to restore my C: drive to it's pristine factory glory. Not the end of the world, because all the really critical stuff is backed up here and there, but it is a pain the asp, as Cleopatra once said.

Still, as I hied my way down to the local Fry's to get some kind of system recovery utility that might work (didn't) I did at elast pick up a 200GB drive for $70 and installed that while I was dinking around. Now I was a Mac bigot for a long time - about 15 years - before I switched to my Sony Vaio a couple of years ago (after buying my Windows-only wife a similar machine a year before).

This Vaio has been so much more stable than any of my Macs ever were. So rag on MS all you like, Win XP has been more than just OK for me (echoes of Switchfoot there...) And adding a new hard drive today was a breeze - side panel snaps off easily. Hard drive enclosure pops right out, cables all ready to add an extra - it was a geek dream.

The other bright side (and there is one) is that I get to just reload just the stuff I need, not all the crap that I had loaded over the last 2 years. MS Office, Halo, (I even bought a game controller today...) and other cool stuff.

Anyway, all is well that ends well, and here's the proof - I'm posting the same evening with a much better computer.

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