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Went to see Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban tonight before it departs theaters. Was quite amazed at how well done it was. I gave up a long time ago expecting movies to be the same or as good as the book. It's long enough since I read the book that any niggly details are lost in the mists of time. Letting go of much of the exposition to let the story move along was very much the right thing to do at this point in the HP story. The oart where Harry realizes it's he himself who canjures up the protective patronus spell, not some manifestation of his father is brilliantly done, and heck, who wouldn't want a hippogriff as a pet?

A movie I could have gone to see was Thunderbirds, but from the clips that have been shown on TV this looks like a marginal proposition at best relative to the original puppet series from the 60s which, oh by the way, was massively influential in my future career path. I guess I'll have to see it eventually, but turning it into a live action Spy Kids type movie is probably gonna suck.

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