Whiter than white

Spent a good part of today repainting the stairway and upstairs hall. We did it at Christmas, but I was sick and we gave up one coat short of a good job. It finally looks prety nice. We went with a pretty hard white, which is the only place in the house that is. It has a clean, crisp look to it that I really like. Unlike life, which continues to be messy.

Lots to do in the next few weeks, including big project at work, give a speech at UW graduation, staff a week long youth camp, go on a mission trip to Mexico, then give a paper at a conference. Meh, what's life without a challenge? For those of you familiar with the old UK TV show It's a Knockout, the Paisley family is once again playing it's joker. For the rest of you, well, go google it, I guess.

Still, every time I try to declutter life it just fills up with useless crap, so I may as well fill it up with cool stuff, even if it does get a bit stressful at times.

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