Whew, busy

I like to keep busy, but life the past week has been insane. Two presentations to complete by the end of the week, house to paint, new cars to search for and music to practice and all this WHILE I"M SUPPOSED TO BE ON VACATION!!!

Still, I read Jen Lemen's blog today, and realized I don't have half the grief to deal with that she does, what with kids and stuff.

Went looking at new cars yesterday and today to replace the (paid for a long time ago) 11 year old Explorer. The Honda Pilot looked like a good contender - about the same size, lots of room for hauling guitar gear, reliable, not too much money. But today I went out and finally drove a Subaru WRX wagon. Two thirds of the cargo space (and not quite big enought to get a guitar sideways) but man, the driving experience is so much sweeter. Where I'd describe the Pilot (and my current ride) as ponderous at best, the WRX is like wossname off a shovel and sticks to the road like glue. The guy at the dealer there was also genuinely pleasant. At last some folk have figured out you don't have to be salesbot to sell cars...

Almost forgot... two nights ago we went to a dress rehearsal of A Midsummer Night's Dream by Pacific NW Ballet. We got just about the worst seats in the house and it was still cool. I've never been to a "funny" ballet before and it was remarkable how the dancers were able to convey the humor with just motion. The guy who danced the role of Puck was frickin' awesome, too. We go next Friday for real in our cool 2nd tier box seats. All dressed up, too. It's just so cool lounging around in a tux. It does make one feel incredibly Bondish.

Well, 20 minutes and I'm off to our Friday night youth service. Weather is gorgeous, it's a shame to be indoors, but it's always cool seeing the youth step up and start to lead stuff.

As they say in the land of single cells - adios, amoebas!

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