Life goes on

Going to be a busy week. Saw my wife off at the airport this morning for her monthly trip to St Louis. Got to church in time to serve on the altar, then met with a group from church after the service today to talk about developing a third (i.e. additional) service in the fall. Two and a half hours in Red Robin (burger restaurant) we had talked all over the map, but were generally in agreement that we're being led to do something "different". As Episcopalians, the whole postmodern "back to the future" deal isn't anywhere near as radical as it is for the evangelical crowd, but the real key is "participatory".

Given that we all think time is tight to plan something on a weekly basis for the fall, someone suggested we take the next year to develop special themed services at key parts of the church calendar, starting with All Saints Day. Follow that with something at Epiphany then the Great Vigil at Easter and then Pentecost and there's a trial run with the time and space to develop something really special at four major days in the church calendar.

Amazing what six people can do when given time and space to think and breathe.

But then tomorrow night I'm hosting my last professional society dinner meeting of the season, Tuesday night is Vestry (church board), Wednesday night is youth group, and Thursday I get my wife back. And all that's without even factoring in that pesky day job... (oh, I'll just design a really cool airplane or two while I'm at it...)

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