Wow, it's really a week since I wrote anything. This past week has been blur of activity.

Monday night, host professional society dinner meeting. It was poorly attended, but only because we sent out the publicity way ahead of time, we changed the day of the week, the week of the month from our regular times and we also put the wrong date on. Oops. We did send out a correction, but apparently a lot of people didn't get it. Still, a good time was had by all who showed up. The presentation was on the new Personal Courage wing of Seattle's Museum of Flight - WW1 and WW2 fighters. The new exhibit is built around stories of the people who flew the airplanes, not just a bunch of hardware on display, which I think is a great idea.

Tuesday night, Vestry (church board) meeting. Nothing scintillating (last month we called our new Rector, so it's hard to top that).

Wednesday, youth group. My friend who helps run youth group didn't have time to plan anything, so he brought the 1973 movie Jesus Christ Superstar to watch. I've seen it once a long, long time ago, and man was I shocked. The theology is awful, the performances even worse. Apart from the two main songs that nearly everyone can remember, the songs sucked too. This was written by the same guys that put together Evita and Phantom of the Opera? Hard to believe.

Thursday was a council meeting for the same professional society as Monday's meeting. More the admin stuff. We did make some decent progress for next year, which is good, because I'm the chair as of July 1.

Friday was the ballet. Midsummer Night's Dream by the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Awesome. Plus, I get to dress up in a tux. The best part is forgetting what you're wearing and being occasionally reminded by people's reactions...

Saturday I was the Keynote speaker at the University of Washington's Aeronautics and Astronautics Department graduation. Try saying that three times fast. This was a beautiful and wonderful thing. I was asked by the graduation senior class to do this, which is an amazing thing in itself. It came about through the same professional society referenced above. We did some events with the student section this past year and they really appreciated it. I spent several weeks outlining my ten minute speech, but really kicked it into high gear this past week, finishing up with a lot of work on Friday. I had no idea just what the setting would be like, but I was in a packed auditorium with 70 students and another few hundred parents and relatives. It really was fun and as usual, the butterflies dissipated about ten minutes before I got up to speak.

Right after that was staff prep day for the week long youth camp coming up next week followed by a Mariners game, which we won 3-0, but which was one of the most excruciatingly slow games I've ever experienced.

Which brings me to now, Sunday morning, when I was supposed to be off to church but my car wouldn't work properly.

So much busyness. At what point is this a rich life, and where does it just get to be too much? I really don't like being idle, but this just doesn't leave me much time for reflection (as if I'm good at that anyway... sigh).

Oh well, at least this coming week isn't crammed with stuff (except the graduation party this afternoon, and welcoming the new kids to senior high youth group...)


Life goes on

Going to be a busy week. Saw my wife off at the airport this morning for her monthly trip to St Louis. Got to church in time to serve on the altar, then met with a group from church after the service today to talk about developing a third (i.e. additional) service in the fall. Two and a half hours in Red Robin (burger restaurant) we had talked all over the map, but were generally in agreement that we're being led to do something "different". As Episcopalians, the whole postmodern "back to the future" deal isn't anywhere near as radical as it is for the evangelical crowd, but the real key is "participatory".

Given that we all think time is tight to plan something on a weekly basis for the fall, someone suggested we take the next year to develop special themed services at key parts of the church calendar, starting with All Saints Day. Follow that with something at Epiphany then the Great Vigil at Easter and then Pentecost and there's a trial run with the time and space to develop something really special at four major days in the church calendar.

Amazing what six people can do when given time and space to think and breathe.

But then tomorrow night I'm hosting my last professional society dinner meeting of the season, Tuesday night is Vestry (church board), Wednesday night is youth group, and Thursday I get my wife back. And all that's without even factoring in that pesky day job... (oh, I'll just design a really cool airplane or two while I'm at it...)


Whew, busy

I like to keep busy, but life the past week has been insane. Two presentations to complete by the end of the week, house to paint, new cars to search for and music to practice and all this WHILE I"M SUPPOSED TO BE ON VACATION!!!

Still, I read Jen Lemen's blog today, and realized I don't have half the grief to deal with that she does, what with kids and stuff.

Went looking at new cars yesterday and today to replace the (paid for a long time ago) 11 year old Explorer. The Honda Pilot looked like a good contender - about the same size, lots of room for hauling guitar gear, reliable, not too much money. But today I went out and finally drove a Subaru WRX wagon. Two thirds of the cargo space (and not quite big enought to get a guitar sideways) but man, the driving experience is so much sweeter. Where I'd describe the Pilot (and my current ride) as ponderous at best, the WRX is like wossname off a shovel and sticks to the road like glue. The guy at the dealer there was also genuinely pleasant. At last some folk have figured out you don't have to be salesbot to sell cars...

Almost forgot... two nights ago we went to a dress rehearsal of A Midsummer Night's Dream by Pacific NW Ballet. We got just about the worst seats in the house and it was still cool. I've never been to a "funny" ballet before and it was remarkable how the dancers were able to convey the humor with just motion. The guy who danced the role of Puck was frickin' awesome, too. We go next Friday for real in our cool 2nd tier box seats. All dressed up, too. It's just so cool lounging around in a tux. It does make one feel incredibly Bondish.

Well, 20 minutes and I'm off to our Friday night youth service. Weather is gorgeous, it's a shame to be indoors, but it's always cool seeing the youth step up and start to lead stuff.

As they say in the land of single cells - adios, amoebas!


Whiter than white

Spent a good part of today repainting the stairway and upstairs hall. We did it at Christmas, but I was sick and we gave up one coat short of a good job. It finally looks prety nice. We went with a pretty hard white, which is the only place in the house that is. It has a clean, crisp look to it that I really like. Unlike life, which continues to be messy.

Lots to do in the next few weeks, including big project at work, give a speech at UW graduation, staff a week long youth camp, go on a mission trip to Mexico, then give a paper at a conference. Meh, what's life without a challenge? For those of you familiar with the old UK TV show It's a Knockout, the Paisley family is once again playing it's joker. For the rest of you, well, go google it, I guess.

Still, every time I try to declutter life it just fills up with useless crap, so I may as well fill it up with cool stuff, even if it does get a bit stressful at times.

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