Baptism of fire

Today at church was really a lot of fun. Being Pentecost we had the whole red vibe going (representing the tongues of flame...) Strangely enough I had a dream last night in which I realized that flame isn't red - it's yellow and maybe orange. Red is for embers and such. In past years we've had a balloon arch across the altar held up with red and white helium ballons. I walked in this morning and there they were - except that they were red, orange and yellow. How curious is that? Pentecost is also one of the major days for baptism in church and we had three today. A friend of ours had their few month old baby baptized, there was a young boy from another family and the husband from another family. So five months, about 7 and about 40-ish. Given the wars that have been fought in the church over the years about when people should or should not be baptized I was thrilled that the answer in my church is "whenever the time is right".

I also got to lead the little kids (K-2nd grade) in a song at the offertory. They don't get to do much in church, so it was great to have them up front. They rocked, even. I looked across at one kid and he was just standing there with a deer in the headlights look. Fortunately the rest of them were OK... In fact the parish loves the little kids to bits, so they could do anything up there and people would love it. Sometimes I think maybe that's how God views us - no matter what we do, however minimal or unimpressive, God still loves us and thinks we're cute and lovable. Well at least when we're trying to be good.

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